Sunday, July 10, 2016

CCP go viral!What will my future be?

I grew up in China,a totalitarian state.I can escape totalitarianism and find a new home in a democratic state,and it's just the first step.We must be on guard not to let totalitarianism in. Totalitarianism not only hurting Chinese people but also is a threat to any people all of the world.

Though China is a totalitarian state,two kinds of countries' economic philosophies are much closer than they used to be.I think, by focusing only on economics is short-sighted.China is  challenging the international order,not socialise into the existing order,like this one:GFW(Great Firewall of China).

GFW is a tool of CCP to damage free speech in China and is a trade barrier.CCP has one of the most autocratic systems of online censorship.In order not to be blocked,many internet companies have to cooperate with CCP's online censorship regime,not just chinese companies.Every citizen's utterances are both carefully listened to and strictly controlled.Let me take an example:You publish "我想要普选权(we want the right of universal suffrage)" in Chinese on a social web which is not blocked by GFW.If your nationality isn't China,your words will be deleted.If your nationality is China ,your words will be deleted or you will be condemned.CCP consigns non-violent dissenters to the forced-labour camps,not only Liu Xiaobo.

Some companies for standing up to censorship,e.g.Google,Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Disqus,Line,etc.How much longer do you think they can hold on?China is 18.84 per cent of the population of the world.Do you think any multinationals want to give up this market?Nowadays,Iphone deadlock user's account of Line if attribution of SIM card is Mainland China!

Democracies tend to be more able to absorb dissent,totalitarianism is to make everything totally the same,what will democracies' futures be?what will my future be?