Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Winter of my account come so fast

Let me show you if your phone number in area code 670 and you add it to your Twitter account, what will happen.

5 days ago, my Twitter account is locked and Twitter need to confirm I'm the valid owner. I entered my phone number. Then Twitter requested that I will receive a phone call, with a verification code. But I didn't receive any calls. I called my friends and knew that my phone is normal. My friends told me they can't receive any calls from Twitter too. People here only can receive SMS text messages not calls from Twitter. That's why so many people here don't use Twitter.

This time before, when my account is locked, Twitter send me verification code by SMS, it's OK to me. This time Twitter send me verification code by calls and ONLY ONE WAY ‼ I clicked "help" and reported this problem:

"My account is locked and I can't unlock it. I living in North Mariana Islands. People who living here can only receive SMS text messages from Twitter not calls. This time Twitter sent me verification code by only one way→calls, and don't give me the opportunity to choose other ways. Please help me unlock my account or give me other ways. Thanks."

But I didn't receive any reply. The day before yesterday evening I send an email to Twitter. Told them: Twitter can't call phone number of North Mariana Islands but sometimes send verification code only by calls and only one way. So careless to users. How disappointed I am. However, I don't care how Twitter solving the problem about calls, I only need unlock my account. This account is very important to me. I'm going to be mad. I won't let it happen again. After this time, I'll add Google Voice number to my Twitter account. Before add the local phone number, I added Google Voice and I can receive any calls from Twitter. I will change number back and never bother customer service of Twitter again about same problem. Just help me unlock my account or give me another way unlock it. The sooner the better!

After send the email, I add my GV number to my other accounts. Even big companies like Twitter careless users, maybe this situation will happen again and again. North Mariana Islands is overseas territory of United States, so many things differently to USA. Unfortunately many companies don't care about that.

1.  I tried to add my GV number to my Twitter account so I send SMS text messages like this. Useless cause my account is locked.

2. I tried to delete my CNMI phone number to my Twitter account so I send a SMS text message "STOP" to +447624800379 last night. Useless.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

CCP go viral!What will my future be?

I grew up in China,a totalitarian state.I can escape totalitarianism and find a new home in a democratic state,and it's just the first step.We must be on guard not to let totalitarianism in. Totalitarianism not only hurting Chinese people but also is a threat to any people all of the world.

Though China is a totalitarian state,two kinds of countries' economic philosophies are much closer than they used to be.I think, by focusing only on economics is short-sighted.China is  challenging the international order,not socialise into the existing order,like this one:GFW(Great Firewall of China).

GFW is a tool of CCP to damage free speech in China and is a trade barrier.CCP has one of the most autocratic systems of online censorship.In order not to be blocked,many internet companies have to cooperate with CCP's online censorship regime,not just chinese companies.Every citizen's utterances are both carefully listened to and strictly controlled.Let me take an example:You publish "我想要普选权(we want the right of universal suffrage)" in Chinese on a social web which is not blocked by GFW.If your nationality isn't China,your words will be deleted.If your nationality is China ,your words will be deleted or you will be condemned.CCP consigns non-violent dissenters to the forced-labour camps,not only Liu Xiaobo.

Some companies for standing up to censorship,e.g.Google,Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Disqus,Line,etc.How much longer do you think they can hold on?China is 18.84 per cent of the population of the world.Do you think any multinationals want to give up this market?Nowadays,Iphone deadlock user's account of Line if attribution of SIM card is Mainland China!

Democracies tend to be more able to absorb dissent,totalitarianism is to make everything totally the same,what will democracies' futures be?what will my future be?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Chinese Dream

Totalitarianism has two brains: one is fascism and the other is communism.
When it appears as a face of nationalism,such as "The Chinese Dream", it's deceiving a lot of people,sending them on a wild goose chase.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I want to immigrate to another country

I think GFW infringes everyone's freedom, everyone's privacy.But most Chinese feel that GFW helps to protect China's interests.

I think citizens have the right to supervise government conduct and participate in the process of public affairs decision-making.But most Chinese feel that government is our parents!So they think we don't need to keep an oversight on the government and don't need to affect the judgement of government.

Is there a right set of universal value?I don't know,so I'm reluctant to try change people's values.But I know keeping an open mind doesn't mandate that I ditch my core values.

This is why I plan to immigrate to another country and don't plan to come back again.

Friday, April 15, 2016

dislike CCP

So few people in China are truly able to think , able to see beyond the pabulum whipped up by the government.
We looked like the innocent party,victims of the government.
which comes first,the chicken or the egg?
which comes first, "the People's Republic of China" or "the people of China"?

Wilhelm Reich's earlier point should not be missed: the character of the governed determines the structure of the state. Put differently, what people think determines how they are governed.(The Mass Psychology of Fascism,1933

Brought up and educated in chinese culture, I'm trying to think my way out of that system.